The Little Reminders…..

Zelly Jordan, the talented author of The Unbreakable Series interviewed me recently. Please check it out.

Hey all,

Hope you are well, healthy and safe?

We here in Melbourne are looking forward to an almost normal Christmas thanks to over a months worth of Double Doughnut Days – that’s what we are calling days with no new cases and no deaths from COVID. It’s so freaking wonderful seeing that ZERO each morning. God willing, this is what you’ll have in your part of the world, soon.

Have you ever noticed how life has a way of shoving little reminders of important stuff into your face gently….gently….until it gets tired of your lack of attention and then smacks it into your face with a hard wallop ? Sometimes it’s about small simple things and other times it’s about major life defining things. I’ve been getting lots of little reminders lately…….here’s a few examples…….

A beautiful hand-drawn picture of a huge angel’s wing that was framed and placed…

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